Collect feedback with surveys customers will respond to.

Net Promoter Score ("NPS") surveys are based around one question:
“How likely are you to recommend us to a friend on a scale of 0 to 10?"


Identify customers you are at risk of losing.

Address potential issues before it's too late. Find areas of your business that might need improvement.


Increase revenue by turning loyal customers into promoters.

Customers who love what you do are more likely to write positive reviews and refer others to you. Know who they are & ask them to!


Free 14 day trial. All Features (including paid). 100 surveys. No credit card required.
$69   /month
1000 surveys/month
2 Campaigns
2 Users

Scheduled sending
Survey reminders
Forward or reply in app
Recurring surveys
Free onboarding consultation
Growth (most popular)
$199  /month
4000 surveys/month
5 Campaigns
5 Users

All Startup Features Plus:
Slack integration
API access

$399  /month
10000 surveys/month
Unlimited Campaigns
20 Users

Includes All Features

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