About Devoted

You know what it’s like. Being on the receiving end of a long customer feedback survey. You just don’t have the energy or time to complete it. You feel it’s not worth it. So you skip it. And if you’ve ever run a survey campaign for your company, you’re likely used to very low response rates.

Devoted is set out to change this. We want to make the customer feedback process as simple as possible for your business. And as quick and easy for your customers.

Why’s that important? Because once you know what customers really think about your business, you can work on improving the customer experience. You’ll see lower churn rates and increased revenue as a result!

Who is behind Devoted?

Launched in 2016, Devoted is brought to you by husband and wife team Wille and Efuah. Combined they have over 20 years of experience in streamlining customer interactions. Wille takes care of building the software and Efuah looks after product development and sales.

We’re a company that’s located in central Switzerland. Contact us via email hello@devoted.io or phone us on +44 203 823 6070. Our typical office hours are 8-7 (CEST) and we’ll always get back to you quickly 🙂


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