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Email Subject Lines that will Increase NPS Survey Responses

Author: Efuah Faler
January 24, 2017

When it comes to survey response rates, your subject line matters. A lot more than you might think. Did you know that 69% of people would report an email as spam based solely on its title?

Before a customer can complete your Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey, they need to open it. So you need to think wisely about what subject line you choose if you want to achieve a good response rate.


It really depends on the type of business you run. Factors like whether you’re B2C or B2B, the industry your in etc can influence what’s classed as a high.

However, according to Bain & Company, anything less than a 40% response rate for B2C and 60% for B2B organisations indicates a red flag. And most Net Promoter experts would agree with this.


There are certain words and phrases that are a no-no when it comes to email titles. For example:

  • Reminder to take our survey, it’s important to us!
  • Please help us to improve our business
  • We need your feedback

Do you notice a common theme here? Each and every one of these titles focuses on what’s in it for the company instead of the customer.

Additionally, using words like guarantee and earn can cause emails to end up in the spam folder since they’re often associated with money making schemes. Stay clear of them!

And AVOID TYPING IN CAPITALS. Or using excessive punctuation!!! As you can see, they’re not easy on the eye.


Now that we’ve covered what you should be avoiding, here are some examples of subject lines that will improve your email open and response rates!

  • Did you enjoy shopping with [Company Name]?
  • Tell us about your experience with [Company Name]?
  • How was your experience with [Company Name]?

Subject lines like this, invoke a more positive reaction from the customer. They are much less about the company and more about the customer. You notice how we’re using you and your a lot.

You’ll also notice that each of these subject lines is in the form of a question. Questions are a guaranteed way to humanise text and encourage customers to engage in a conversation with you.


Ultimately, the decision on subject lines lies with you and your marketing team. But these are some of the essential traits you should be looking for when deciding what’s best.

  1. Be direct. Keep your subject line as relevant as possible. As attractive as ‘This email will change your life’ might sound – it’s over-dramatic and misleading.
  2. Keep it short and sweet. Shorter subject lines tend to perform better than longer ones so skip the monologue and get to the point.
  3. Ask a question. Questions draw readers in – especially if they are relevant to your buyer’s persona.
  4. Focus on the customer. As discussed earlier, your customer wants to know what’s in it for them not you!

So now that you know which survey subject lines to avoid and which ones work well, it’s time to start sending some net promoter surveys. We, at Devoted, provide simple NPS software for businesses of all sizes. Sign up today and get started for free.


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