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Customer loyalty round-up #25

Author: Efuah Faler
November 15, 2016

Here are some of the most helpful articles we’ve come across in the last fortnight with inspiring tips and advice on how you can build customer loyalty. There are links to the original article and a short summary of each piece. We hope you’ll find them as useful as we did!

ways to earn and build customer loyalty

How to turn Christmas shoppers into loyal customers by Matt Anderson
Like it or lump it, the festive season is approaching. And that means a unique opportunity to gain more loyal customers. A must read post if you’re looking to tackle the issues of how to turn your customers into sales people and how to handle customers who abandon their shopping cart?

Is NPS Still Effective? by Black Morgan
“How likely are you to recommend this product?” It’s a simple question and one that is providing countless companies with valuable customer information, but not without some debate. In this post get to the bottom of if NPS is still useful for your business and why.

12 Steps to Building a Successful Ecommerce Site in 12 Months by Jason Parks
There is little excuse for not having an efficient website for your business  in this day and age. Learn how to ensure yours is pleasing and helpful for your customers in this in-depth post (with video).

5 Ways to Earn & Build Customer Loyalty by Mary Lister
Your loyal customers are the ones who are going to buy your products even if they aren’t on sale and recommend your offerings to friends, and you always want that audience to be large enough to keep you afloat. Discover some practical tips on how to make that happen!


“Make a customer, not a sale.” – Katherine Barchetti


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