Boost your Shopify sales with Net Promoter

The Net Promoter Score ("NPS") is a metric used by over 2/3 of Fortune 1000 companies to measure customer satisfaction.

Your Net Promoter Score is based on the answer to one simple question: "How likely are you, on a scale of 0-10, to recommend our brand to a friend?".

It is a simple and powerful way to get your finger on the pulse of what matters, and identify ways to increase customer loyalty and drive repeat sales.

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Devoted offers seamless integration with your Shopify store

Integrating with Shopify couldn't be easier:

  • Follow the simple instructions in our app to make Shopify send notifications when you have made a sale.
  • Devoted automatically sends surveys to your customers.

Is Devoted for me? Yes is if at least one of the following applies.

  • Run an online business and want to better understand your customers
  • Want to reduce customer churn and increase retention
  • Are looking to identify customers to cross sell/ up sell to
  • Want to drive referrals to your business